Sequencing, installation and annotation of the latest mitogenomes

The fresh new ML-depending phylogenetic reconstruction (Fig. 1) contributed to some unanticipated relationship, and additionally (1) good clade off enough time/advanced scleractinians collection aunt for the corallimorpharians (support: 93.9; this results supporting brand new “naked coral” hypothesis as the to begin with shown by Medina et al. thirty-six , (2) the brand new sponges collection sister towards Hexacorallia (support: 69.5; to start with revealed because of the Osigus et al.) 55 , (3) the octocorals group sis on Medusozoa (support: 74.5; originally shown by Kayal Lavrov) 56 , and you can (4) cerianthids group aunt in order to good clade made up of sponges + hexacorals (support: 81.9; to start with shown because of the Stampar ainsi que al.) 15 . I think most of these groupings spurious, highlighting new inadequacy out of mitochondrial sequences to possess reconstructing relationships one diverged vast sums regarding years ago 16 . We attribute the new group from Ceriantheopsis because the sister to your Porifera + Hexacorallia because of often step 1) a lack of phylogenetic advice (as C.

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